Building A Community to Drive Impact All Year Long

By Dan Cardinali

President and CEO, Independent Sector

Charity + online giving technology + social media = IMPACT

This equation is at the heart of Giving Tuesday. I suggest we make it the math that motivates our 2016 Independent Sector Conference this November 16-18.

When Henry Timms launched this phenomenal campaign in 2012, he was dreaming big.

But even Henry could not have anticipated raising $117 million for charity in 2015 or joining forces with 10,000 partners in a global day of giving in 2016.

As the decidedly creative and determined executive director of New York City’s 92nd Street Y, Henry has always thought big. This time he looked the entire world square in the face. With partners like the UN Foundation he designed a platform to democratize access to giving, providing an opportunity to everyone to be charitable. His organization and 40,000 more have tapped cutting edge media know-how to push out the good word to individual givers, families, religious organizations, schools, nonprofits, foundations, businesses, even entire communities in countries around the world.

Young people, like those studying at a music academy in Libertyville, Illinois, are often the impetus for Giving Tuesday fundraising – when they heard of the campaign they practiced hard and organized a series of five concerts to benefit Giving Tuesday. Young people living in rural Zambia, and nations across Europe and Asia are also leading the way.

In contrast to the spiraling materialism associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday celebrates love, goodness, community, and giving back. And thanks to technology, this charity is being scaled each year, resulting in a remarkable disruption to the status quo.

So when we come together next week, let’s look to Giving Tuesday for ways to build community and drive impact to change the world.